Red Dragon - Chapter 7:

Frederick Chilton: Have you ever talked with Lecter for any length of time?

Will Graham: No. I just saw him when… I saw him mainly in court. Dr. Bloom showed me his articles in the journals.

Frederick Chilton: He’s very familiar with you. He’s given you a lot of thought.

Will Graham: You had some sessions with him?

Frederick Chilton: Yes. Twelve. He’s impenetrable. Too sophisticated about the tests for them to register anything. Edwards, Fabré, even Dr. Bloom himself had a crack at him. I have their notes. He was an enigma to them too. It’s impossible, of course, to tell what he’s holding back or whether he understands more than he’ll say. Oh, since his commitment he’s done some brilliant pieces for The American Journal of Psychiatry and The General Archives. But they’re always about problems he doesn’t have. I think he’s afraid that if we ‘solve’ him, nobody will be interested in him anymore and he’ll be stuck in a back ward somewhere for the rest of his life.